not another quarter life crisis blog:

I have decided

At twenty-five

Something must change

– Kreuzberg – Bloc Party

For the most part, I’m not very good at introductions. I find it hard that you have to condense yourself to certain traits and attributes like some character selection screen at the beginning of a RPG game. I make myself as I go along as I believe in creativity and authenticity of the moment. Saying what’s on my mind is not easy as I filter myself too much, so I’m trying out something new. Just going along with everything, letting the cards fall in their own account.

For the most part, I’m an insignificant statistic in the grander scheme of things, according to the estimation by population reference bureau 108 billion people have lived on this earth since the beginning of time. I take this as a sign to not take life so seriously anymore and wholly believe in the phrase – ‘do what makes you happy, do what makes you to be glad to be alive’ – all other things are inconsequential.

Just like Bill Nye said, “despite our best efforts we’re all going to die, and I think that makes all of us a little nutty” – so be ridiculous!

Finding joy in the little things because it makes me happy. I’d rather find joy in what I do than be stuck in something that offers me little value in terms of growth (yes, how Gen-Y of me). And in this blog, I’m going to share that journey of self discovery to those out there, like me, are finding themselves, no matter at what age.

PS: that bar of chocolate is excellent, though word of advice, do try to have it hours before your bedtime, rather than before your bedtime, or insomnia might visit you in bed. 🙂


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