If you don’t fly, how do you know how big the sky is?

Birds do not think about if they’re strong enough to fly.

They just do.

They mimic in the nest, flapping their wings until they’re sturdy enough.

The first flight might not always be smooth.

It might be uneven, result in falls, in injuries, it might even result in death.

But birds do not question their wings, nor the height nor the wing.

They trust that they can. They trust they were given wings for one reason and that is to fly.

And high they soar.

I’ve always used to think that some healthy amount of doubt was necessary in work, because it could lead to improvements in the future – but now I see it as a hindrance. If you don’t see the work you are doing as meaningful or believe in the work that you are doing will contribute meaningfully to society then it is very easy and highly likely to lose motivation.

The first person you need to convince is yourself.

And at times, that’s actually your hardest critic.


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