the little things

2015-02-17 03.29.10 1
the little things – photo credit: onegirlsjourneytofreedom

Fulfillment is not about what you have – but having purpose, drive and faith to know that you are finding yourself in the process.

That is the conclusion I’ve reached this week. Counting my blessings and refocusing myself really helped. I’ve come to realized that I am blessed in life. Although I have yet to accomplish all I aspire to be, I am slowly but surely getting there. I find that staying on track is filtering out what’s unnecessary in my life and prioritizing what really needs to be done.

The key is, making time for yourself and taking it seriously. You can possibly please everyone and you can’t take care of everyone, and say yes to everyone who wants your time. The key again is ‘yours’ – if you don’t put yourself in the driver seat and do what ‘you’ want, then you’ll never get to where ‘you’ want to be. So, don’t feel guilty when you find yourself saying ‘no’ to a close friend or a loved one because they might not understand that you are in the process of change – or you’re striving for something big that requires large sacrifices.

The point is, if it’s your dream, chase it without regret, without apology!


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