if you can dream it, you can do it!

Time flies doesn’t it? We’re already almost THREE months into 2015. Dundundun!

Which I think is the perfect time to evaluate those ‘New Year Resolutions’ if you have them. Mine are coming under way, in a three steps forward one step back format. Yes, it’s a bit frustrating getting everything organized while ‘life’ happens but at the same time I’ve learned that when your value, belief, and passion all align, then you know you are heading somewhere – because those value, belief and passion are going to carry you over an exhausting day or week, or month even – to know that you’re working for your dream is much better than just ‘working’ for the sake of staying alive.

Though a word of warning, having dreams and goals that might not align with what your friends and family are doing might seem a little daunting – because there are people who listen to what you want to do or what you have to say and go – ‘hmm, I can’t see that happening’ – and they very well can’t see it happening for you but what they don’t know is the hours you’re putting behind to make your dreams come true. 

Bottomline, they don’t have to understand, nor do you have to make them care.

So dream then do!


the little things

2015-02-17 03.29.10 1
the little things – photo credit: onegirlsjourneytofreedom

Fulfillment is not about what you have – but having purpose, drive and faith to know that you are finding yourself in the process.

That is the conclusion I’ve reached this week. Counting my blessings and refocusing myself really helped. I’ve come to realized that I am blessed in life. Although I have yet to accomplish all I aspire to be, I am slowly but surely getting there. I find that staying on track is filtering out what’s unnecessary in my life and prioritizing what really needs to be done.

The key is, making time for yourself and taking it seriously. You can possibly please everyone and you can’t take care of everyone, and say yes to everyone who wants your time. The key again is ‘yours’ – if you don’t put yourself in the driver seat and do what ‘you’ want, then you’ll never get to where ‘you’ want to be. So, don’t feel guilty when you find yourself saying ‘no’ to a close friend or a loved one because they might not understand that you are in the process of change – or you’re striving for something big that requires large sacrifices.

The point is, if it’s your dream, chase it without regret, without apology!

fear is temporary, broken dreams are forever


“Fear is temporary, broken dreams are forever”

You might heard some form of this quote – if not, this is what I’ve surmised after much thinking. Why didn’t things work out in my life before, even though I pushed so hard for them? Why wasn’t I jumping up in excitement about my life, since I’ve pushed so hard for things to happen? Instead, I was only reaping secondary happiness from people around me who were ‘happy’ for me. That was in the conventional sense ‘going’ somewhere.

The thing is, I’ve had a hard time figuring out what I wanted in life and I still do. But recently, I started to track what I do on a daily basis to gain deeper insights of my interests and inclinations and gain a deeper understanding of the person that I am.

Aside from being a self proclaimed coffee junkie and efficient time waster. I also realized that in order for me to be happy I need an appropriate creative outlet, a way to express myself in my work. I want something that I actually care about and won’t stop talking about. Above all, I want something that gets me so excited that I jump out of bed in the morning, grab my coffee and just run with it.

So there you go, don’t wait. Become passionate about something, anything, and just pursue it. I don’t know the answer yet, but I have a good feeling – it’s going to be worth it.

What is that 1 thing?

This might sound like a cliche, but lately I’ve been thinking about that question more and more. What is that ONE thing you will regret if you didn’t do your entire life? Or, simply put, if you only had 24 hours to live? What would suddenly be pushed to the forefront behind all these excuses and responsibilities other people imposed on you?

What would be something you regret?

I tried answering this question and I know there’s no correct or incorrect answer to this question. Everyone is different after all. But what it came down to is – letting other people decide on what you want and need rather than being your own true authentic self.

My regret: not being me.

The discovery in itself is purely accidental, unconventional if you will. After discovering this recording artist from Sweden whom I have come to idolize fanatically. I begin to dissect her message – not only in her ‘act’ but also in her music and her expression. I noticed a few things, the reason why I idolize her is because she’s very authentic to herself, very open minded and very unapologetic.

We like things we identify with and aspire to be. Then it is as if a lightbulb went off in my head – the reason why I idolize certain individuals however conscious or unconsciously is because in some ways I identify with them and in some ways, they’re what I aspire to be.

Finding ‘Lagom’

cinnamon buns from IKEA – photo credit: onegirlsjourneytofreedom

Lagom, a Swedish word that roughly translate to ‘enough’ or ‘sufficient amount’ has become a word I’ve come to adopt in my day to day life. It’s a word that made me rethink life. If I were to strip-away the hustle and bustle required in this consumption driven, image obsessed and social media dominated world – what would I actually need? What is the actual ‘cost’ of living, when you don’t care for appearances sake (kind of like simpler days back in elementary school)?

This will be my challenge of February – even though it doesn’t really feel like a challenge after the quick and almost painless decision I’ve made that this city, in the 2.5 weeks that I’ve been back offered me no ‘growth’ nor ‘excitement’. What this city offered however was longing, longing for something more – a desire for change. Take everything I’ve realized and learned in Scandinavia and pursue my own goals and interestingly enough, ‘going out’ every weekend, or going out at all isn’t on my priority list.

What I’m more interested in is how much it takes for me to ‘survive’ in this city. Since what I’m looking for is not ‘comfort’ since no amount of ‘comfort’, either in gourmet cuisines, expensive clothes, or alcohol can dull the ache for something more ‘authentic’ something ‘me’ – I’m just going to give that all up, turn off social media, shrug off all suggestions blasted at me by other people and be ‘me’ unapologetically for a month to see what is ‘sufficient’ – ‘just the right amount’ for myself.