Finding My Way – Summer 2015

There’s no ‘one’ way to do things.

There’s no ‘one’ way to live this life. It all comes down to approach and opportunities. As it turns out, my expectations are falling a little behind. Although my enthusiasm for travels and Europe increased, it doesn’t help that my disinterest in my current predicament also deepened.

I know that I can’t just do the ‘work’ then ‘take off’ route forever and finding full time work, going to school then taking off and experiencing life might also not be so realistic.


The hours would have to work around my school schedule and I’d have to factor in sleep. Which brings me to the point, how badly do I want to be in Europe again this summer? How much, even with everything going on around me, do I just want to drop everything and go taste that freedom in 4.5 months?

One thing remains unchanged, I will be there again. Even if I don’t have sufficient funds to do the dream trip I want, I will be there for a shorter period of time, freeing my mind, finding my inspirations.


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