Finding My Way – Summer 2015

There’s no ‘one’ way to do things.

There’s no ‘one’ way to live this life. It all comes down to approach and opportunities. As it turns out, my expectations are falling a little behind. Although my enthusiasm for travels and Europe increased, it doesn’t help that my disinterest in my current predicament also deepened.

I know that I can’t just do the ‘work’ then ‘take off’ route forever and finding full time work, going to school then taking off and experiencing life might also not be so realistic.


The hours would have to work around my school schedule and I’d have to factor in sleep. Which brings me to the point, how badly do I want to be in Europe again this summer? How much, even with everything going on around me, do I just want to drop everything and go taste that freedom in 4.5 months?

One thing remains unchanged, I will be there again. Even if I don’t have sufficient funds to do the dream trip I want, I will be there for a shorter period of time, freeing my mind, finding my inspirations.


5 Quick Reasons Why Traveling Solo is a Good Idea

on route from Berlin to Copenhagen. Photo credit: onegirlsjourneytofreedom
on route from Berlin to Copenhagen. Photo credit: onegirlsjourneytofreedom
  1. Disconnect, take a step back: traveling to foreign destination alone is not only a thrilling experience but it gives you freedom to disconnect with grounding elements of routine existences that’s become the common script of most people. A change of scenery and physical disconnection from one’s immediate situation allows clarity. By taking a step back we allow ourselves to view our situation from a whole other perspective.
  2. Clarity, finding new perspectives: what I’ve found during my travel experiences is that the problems we face in our lives back home don’t disappear. Instead, they become less significant, for the present, because traveling solo without a concrete plan is more of living in the moment instead of worrying for the future and plans. Seeing what happens.
  3. Tolerance to spontaneity: possibly one of my favorite reasons of traveling, stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing life in the moment and remembering and savouring every second of it! By submerging yourself in the experience of life you’ll no doubt comeback enriched with experiences and many great stories to tell.
  4. A chance to foster independence: and rely on yourself and know and learn by trail and error how to trust yourself 100%, which in my opinion is very important not only for wellbeing but self confidence.
  5. Savings goals: since I deem traveling to be extremely eye-opening and helpful to my personal development. I stopped frivolous spendings so I could travel more often and for longer. This gives me things to look forward to, and I deem it healthier than the accumulation of consumer goods that’ll just end up in the back of my closet.

What are some of your reasons for solo travel? Feel free to let me know! 🙂


Where do I even begin.

I returned last week to the dot and the journey of twenty-eight days by myself has been an eye-opening experience. Sobering in fact, as if I plunged head first into another mode of existence. Before I get too philosophical here – what is for sure is my love for Northern Europe. The way of life – even with the much dreaded high taxation and below freezing temperatures.

For one reason or another, life makes more sense there than here.

And although it is not clear exactly where I envision myself to be in the future. I do see an image forming through clouded thoughts and dreams. What is for sure, is that there is a place where I want to be – and that’s anywhere but here.