Take a language course for fun?

Recently, I discovered I could enroll in a continuing education language course offered by my university for a fee of $360. While this is not an excessive amount, it is still a big chunk of my soon to be $0/month income. The course starts in late September and runs until December, which is conveniently when my trip is. I needed help deciding so I made this Pro/Con table…how geeky of me…but I really hope this will help me decide.







Learning: I’ll be learning a new language, a new culture – polyglotism here I come yay!

Tuition Fee: $-360.00 (speaks for itself, +potential book fees…)

Live instructor: I’ll have a live instructor helping me with pronunciations, rather than repeating after Primsleur! I’ll be sure to grill the instructor to get my money’s worth – no more being the kid in the corner fearing of getting things wrong and sounding silly.

Additional superfluous expenses: of being out and about, which probably mean Starbucks and muffins…maybe not for the entire 10 sessions, but if I had to factor that in, it could mean me forking out an extra $50-$100 if I’m not vigilant.

Social interaction: with classmates! And make some new friends!

Schedule conflict: it might conflict with other things on my schedule come September, I don’t even know what that looks like right now. I might have more important things on my to-do list.

Enjoyment: Gives me a reason to go out! (for constructive reasons too, like learning!)


Weekly countdown: The course runs from September to December, right before the time I jet off to Europe! It gives me something to look forward to, until my trip!


Reinforcement: I’m determined to get the basics down this time before I go, so I’m not a total n00b. It’ll help me with my goal of ‘blending in’.



Verdict: Tentative yes,– but I’ll wait it out until August to make the decision.


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