What I won’t be doing this weekend

SALES – TAKE 50% OFF ALREADY REDUCED ITEMS…ah, yes…but honestly, no. Kudos for putting in the efforts though!

Since early this morning I’ve been bombarded with emails from shops and retail brands I subscribe to. It seems they all want a portion of my wallet now that the week has ended. Coincidence? I think not. I admit, some of the offers were tempting enough to not only lure me onto their site but scroll through the catalogs of goods, which I won’t be getting.
Yes. I’ve consciously and firmly set up my mind on making do with what I have in my closet (admittedly some items have never been worn…opps guilty). But also, I’m a bit sick and tired of acquiring material goods for cheapness rather than inherent value. Cheapness, for example, are things sold under $5 at a fast fashion chain – after acquiring it for $5, I think to myself, would I really wear this? Most of the time the answer is no. So why would I still get it? Just in case? Just in case what?

If you think like that, $5 dollars for a shirt which is yes cheap but you won’t wear even once, then that’s $5 wasted.

Then take the next example, if you got a shirt that you loved loved loved, you see many opportunities wearing this item, the material is stellar, the fit and the cut are all A+. The downside, however, is that the shirt is marked $150, but it fits your personality and you know very few would shell out $150 for a shirt – then I’d say get it! If you wore that shirt just 30 times in its exciting tour of being your shirt, you would’ve gotten the bang for your buck for $5 per wear. If that shirt became your favorite shirt and stays with you for a while, then I’d say definitely go get it, as its inherent value beats the face value. You might even have some interesting memories regarding that piece of clothing.

Remember, a piece of clothing is only worth it when you wear it.



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