Winter In Europe – trip planning #2 accomodation/flights

Earlier this week, I had to work up the courage to hit ‘send’ on my resignation letter, but after stressing about it all Monday afternoon, by evening it was done.

A big breath of relief.

I really think this calls for some sparkling rosé to celebrate this new beginning of my life and the beginning of a very productive summer!!

Anyways, since Monday, I’ve been putting more work into finalizing my travel plans. In my previous post, I’d been unsure if I’d wanted to see more of Europe in the month that I have (however, if I know anything, a month is not exactly a long time when traveling!) so it came down to, a city in 2/3 days, or just sticking with a week in a unique city to get the feel of the city and see how life could be like there. That’s just my style of traveling. I know some people like to maximize their time and experience, but my style is more like relaxing at a city and soaking in the vibe of that given city i.e go socialize in bars and with locals and see what interesting opportunities knock on my door (after museum visits of course!!)

And in my head, visiting Europe in the winter time is not a very big loss or concern because this means it’d be actually WARM in the museums and bars! I’d be nose deep in masterpiece artwork and history! I won’t be tempted to head outside into ‘nature’ as I’m not exactly very big on nature (unless it’s a white sandy beach, sun and surfs!) In short, I’ve decided to leave Southern Europe unexplored in favor of a return trip next summer! (Because Europe is always a good idea in my mind and I’m not going to waste my youth staying put in North America.)

è      “The Plan”

December 15. Arrive @ Amsterdam 15:15 (note to self: take an umbrella incase its raining), go check into the hostel, meet up with my friend, and hopefully get a good night of sleep!

Hostel: $50 (1 Night. Sadly, Amsterdam is pricey! I might work something out here; see if I can crash at someone’s!)

Flight: $75 (To Berlin!)

Total Damage: $125

December 16. Head to the Airport – fly to Berlin Schonefeld – stay at the Generator Hostel Berlin!

Hostel: $100 (6 Nights! Who would’ve thought East Berlin’s this cheap???)

Flight: $75 (To Copenhagen!)

Total Damage: $175

December 22. Head to the Airport – fly to Copenhagen – stay at the Generator Hostel in Copenhagen!

Hostel: $315 ($45/Night for 7 Nights, yikes! But still better than Amsterdam!)

Flight: $170 (To Stockholm, includes Stockholm -> Amsterdam)

Total Damage: $385

December 29. Head to the Airport – fly to Stockholm – stay at ??? in Stockholm

Hostel or AirBnB? Considering this is Stockholm, I am willing to shell out more dough for this city (well, I already know it’s going to be hella expensive, so I’VE COME PREPARED!!) I

Hostels beds range from $25 to $100 – AirBnB apartments range from $150+ so for 7 days – so my expenses for accommodation would vary from midrange $350 – $1000 – I haven’t decided on it yet, I might even do a mix, so $800 just to be safe!

Total Damage: $800

Flight: $0 (Covered by above)

January 5. Head to the Airport – fly back to Amsterdam – stay at the Flying pig, possibly, then mix in with AirBnB for the last couple of days because at this point I suspect I’d need some quality sleep!

Total Damage: $800

Flight: $0 (Covered by above)

Total approximate accommodation/flight damage: $2285 (plus: $1315 for my multicity flight to Amsterdam)

GRAND TOTAL: $3600 for 1 month in Europe! (and that’s not on a strict budget for Northern Europe with mini splurges in accommodation I’d say this is pretty good! If I’d wanted to dial back I could probably cut the expenses in Stockholm/Amsterdam by half and that number would approximate to be $2800, but since its Christmas/New Years, I’m going to treat myself.) Next up, I’m gonna search for things to do in each of these cities, mainly the museums during the daytime and the NIGHTLIFE during the nighttime. Party on! 🙂


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