Time to ‘Let it Go’ (Part III)

I could leave like I always do, without a letter of resignation.

But I won’t.

I owe myself a reminder why I should never take a job similar to the one I had.

Publishing this would serve as more of a reminder than anything else – my official declaration of the end of this particular chapter of my life before I run off and write the next.

June 23, 2014
Manager’s Name
Company Name

Company Address

Dear Mr./Ms. Manager:

Please accept this letter as my two-weeks notice of resignation. My last day of work will be July 7th, 2014.

While I have been very satisfied at XYZ Company, I have decided to make this move to advance my career. I have enjoyed working with you and appreciate the opportunities I have been given here. I wish you all the best in the future.


(your signature)

Your Name

(source: about.com)

Yeah, that’s the gist of it. All I have to do now is to fill this out, print it, put it in an envelope and give it to my boss, then wait for July the 7th to roll by.



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