Reigning myself in to another night out.

Truth be told, I’m a little conflicted. As of last night I was invited to another fun night out on the town (with lots of heavy drinking involved no doubt) however, after the brief excitement of the invitation I found myself crunching numbers in my head. Do I really need to spend X amount in entertainment, when it could very well be the amount of an one way ticket with easyJet + fee of one 20kg bag?

My rough travel itinerary which is still coming along (because I can’t decide whether or not I should add more places in or spend a week in each destination, hence WIP) would come out to these figures:


easyJet: Mon 15 December 2014 Amsterdam to Berlin Schoenefeld: 73.33 USD
easyJet: Sun 21 December 2014 Berlin Schoenefeld to Copenhagen: 71.15 USD
SAS Scandinavian Airlines: Mon 29 December 2014 Copenhagen to Stockholm, Mon January 5 2015 Stockholm to Amsterdam: 190.18 (-44.21 travel credit left over from my trip last year) works out to be: 145.97 USD
All together: 290.45 USD
While that’s not a massive amount, I couldn’t help but to think of those yet to be purchased tickets in terms of alcohol at the bar – 300 dollars is probably the equivalent of a couple of nights out on the town which I really do not care for. Yes I wish I socialized more, but I also understand I cannot have everything at once. And when it comes down to it, seeing the world excites me more than going out and celebrating for the sake of…well, it being another weekend?

4 thoughts on “Reigning myself in to another night out.

  1. This is exactly how I feel. My friends and family know that I think of everything in terms of a trip. I prefer spending money on trips and new adventures than on clothes and alcohol because experiences, especially new experiences, provide a much more long-lasting high!

    1. This is so true. Not to mention, clothes and alcohol never forces you to grow like new experiences. You can always buy more of possession but you’ll never be able to buy more of ‘time’ to use. I also notice among my friends, they don’t have a ‘goal’ to save for and it scares me a little bit. It is as if they are programmed by society’s expectations that young people live paycheck to paycheck anyways, so there’s no reason to save (not even for retirement).

  2. True. By the way, as for where to visit, I can say that Amsterdam (which I’ve visited twice) and Berlin are pretty awesome places. Amsterdam is kinda small so not sure a week is needed but Berlin might work well for a week’s stay. The Berlin hostel I stayed in 3 years ago was something like 7 Euros per night and it was cleaner and more well-kept than even some hotels in London & Paris. Definitely much better than my London hostel I visited 6 years ago (and in London I did one of those 2 bed suites and back then paid something like 30 pounds per night for a rather dirty “suite”).

    I’m not sure what your plans are for visiting the places in each city but I would recommend that for each one you try to connect with a local. I highly recommend a site like couchsurfing, which I use to great effect to meet locals when I travel (you don’t have to stay with someone to couchsurf, you can just meet up for coffee/drink/a meal). Good luck planning your trip!

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