Unnecessary expenses: hindsight perspective

Earlier this week, a refund was made to my credit card and to my surprise it was quite a reduction in the amount I had to pay on that card. What’s this serendipitous refund you ask?

Refund on duty deposits.

Admittedly, I had a habit of blindly shopping online and going for things I want because…well I wanted them (reasons explained later in this post) and in my head they were much less than the going price in my place of residence. However, what I did not account for was the exchange rate, the international sub-charge and local taxes on top of that. (Yeah, a few months ago, I really didn’t think things through when it came to shopping.)

What ended up happening was my jaw dropping and logging onto the e-commerce shopfront I’m so loyal to and reviewing my orders for the first time after I hit ‘order’ all those months ago. And what I found was I had spent an exorbitant amount on two articles of designer clothing – somehow, my vanity, pride, and other emotions involved must’ve told me it was a good idea at the time – though I’d only worn one garment a couple of times after I received them in March. And after I had received them, appraised them, they’d disappeared in a pile in my closet.

But this is only the start in examining my personal finances, as this was just a drop in the ocean, an one time offense among many – yes I had the fund to purchase things and pay them back on time, but at the same time, I realized I was using shopping as a way to combat negative emotions that came hand in hand with work. And somehow owning more stuff, stuff that appealed to me was going to justify the work I did not care about doing.

In hindsight however, I cringe at the amount spent, because it is money and time I’d never be able to get back and if I hadn’t spent it all frivolously, perhaps I could be off somewhere on a nice vacation – poorly dressed, but who would need all that excess if you were somewhere you’d really want to be, doing things that had been gathering dust on your to-do list ever since your college days? Waiting for that ‘one day’ would be pointless without a concrete plan towards a long term goal.


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