Stress is when you take things too seriously, but does it really matter in the long run?

I’m not one for confrontations especially in a professional work setting and thankfully it is very rare that I am dragged into a conflict. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen around me, case and point, one coworker had a disagreement with another the other day. And the other responded along the lines of ‘don’t tell me what to do’. Of course, it didn’t end when the two red faced participants parted ways. No, it went farther than that, with one promising to write a letter of complaint to the higher ups.

This exchange is enlightening for me in a few distinct angles.

My stoic attitude showed just how much I did not care about office politics. While it was easy for me to pick a side if I had so chose to, but that was beside the point. I did not care simply because I chose not to. It also showed that I’m not exactly optimistic about my current employer enough to want to contribute anything that is above and beyond what was required of me. It made me realize I’m only there for the paycheque and besides that, I’m wasting my time. (And I have a feeling soon, the monetary incentive will stop justifying for the mind numbing hours I put into it.)

It also made me realize that me, getting stressed and angry over what my group members did on a collaborative school project was more telling. It showed me that I cared a lot more about school than work, but at the same time, I feel as though I shouldn’t have stressed as much as I did, because 20 years down the line – I’d look back and probably not even remember it had happened – it wasn’t worth the sleepless nights I’d suffered (and this is a week after the incident of me spewing expletives in front of my computer screen, though it changes nothing).

My point is, pick your fight wisely. Your time and energy are limited, if its not worth your time being sad or getting emotional over it – move on. And know that getting angry will likely change nothing other than your blood pressure readings and stomach acid levels.


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