May 31st – June 1st, crazy night out.

Reckless partying? You got it.

The visit from a friend who lives in a different city had me dragged out from my usual place of comfort i.e: my home. I wouldn’t have thought of spending all night out on the town if it wasn’t for this special occasion. The night itself was fueled by free flowing alcohol and of course, even with other people buying you drinks, the bill soon stacked up. All in all, it was a pretty good time but it also taught me some practical things.

1. My city is hella expensive when it comes to partying.

The end of the night I was down a good portion of my paycheque – and when you’re having fun, you don’t really think about – oh budget! It is definitely not something I’m looking forward to doing anytime soon. I’ll save the partying for Europe. (And if I do go out between now and December, I’ll remember to use cash and not credit.)

2. While fun, partying all night is draining and disruptive to the system.

Yes, it’s June the 3rd today and I feel I’m still recovering some what from a long night out and too many shots. I feel groggy and listless as if the toxins of alcohol and greasy pizza and endless amount of coffee to compensate for the drowsy-ing effects of alcohol. I definitely feel the need to kick start a fitness regime or a cleanse or something to get myself out of this slump so my skin can glow again. One of the more nasty side effects of alcohol is how dull my skin looks from hydration – definitely not something a girl wants to do regularly if she wants to keep her face fresh looking!
3. It’s next to impossible for me to get drunk but at the same time, I’m not testing that limit.

I have a high tolerance for alcohol, I’ve tested that out again and again. But at the same time I’m setting myself a rule of not going over three drinks the next time I’m out. It’s not something to boast about, in fact, while my system could handle massive amounts without me feeling the consequences immediately, I could do without the extra its gonna cost in bars. Fun in moderation is the key.

4. Some people will act like fools when drunk.
Yes, it wasn’t me – but I did realize I would be a lot offended and creeped out if certain things were said to me when I was completely 100% sober. When you have alcohol in your system, everything sounds like a joke sort of. Then of course there are people who take it a step further – I’m not sure if its because they have alcohol in their system or alcohol unleashed some deep seated issues – but its very easy to pick out the happy drunks, the sad drunks and the deeply desperate drunks – all in all, it was a pretty interesting experience when someone comes up to you and just blurts out – ‘I LOVE YOU’ then asks, ‘DO YOU LOVE ME?’ How does one answer that without sounding mean?

5. You’ll meet interesting people and friend them

The ones that got drunk and ended up sounding more scholarly than my professors – you know who you are and its not all bad. There are new people and people you connect with have fun with – at the end of a night these are the people that makes you feel maybe going out wasn’t such a bad idea.
All in all, it was an interesting night, but not looking forward another one like it anytime soon!


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