Winter In Europe – trip planning #1

At the time of this post, my countdown calendar tells me I have 188 Days 20 Hours 46 Minutes until I hop on that plane and set off for Europe (with a detour in Asia first). While the first part of my trip is planned and sealed everything after December 15th, which I’ll arrive in Amsterdam is still very much out in the open. I have no constructive plan as of it about the 28 days which I’ll get to myself (and for you people that likes number out there, that’s 7.67% out of a 365 days year)

What to do between December 15th – January 12th?

I’m having difficulties dividing these 28 days up evenly. Naturally, if I were to spend 7 days in 4 places, I’d get to chill out and experience more or less a week here and there ( accounting for the travel time).

So shall it be: Amsterdam -> Berlin -> Copenhagen -> Stockholm -> Amsterdam?

travel itinerary draft 1:

Berlin, December 16 – December 22
Copenhagen, December 23 – December 29 (Christmas in Copenhagen)
Stockholm, December 30 – January 5 (New Years in Stockholm)
Amsterdam, January 6 – 12

Should I make this trip strictly Scandinavian and add Norway in there? Or should I condense my time in each city to around 5 days instead and visit 5 to 6 places instead of 4? I guess this all depends on how much culture I want to experience vs. sight seeing? (and of course I have this dreaded fear that going to Norway in the dead of winter would be like …lol madness…) still trying to decide.

The things I’ve decided on thus far.

From what I have read so far, Europe during the winter is very different from North America. There’s more celebratory spirit, more cultural traditions that plays into celebrating the end of the year and welcoming the new year. And one of the major things that’d definitely caught my attention as of now is:

Christmas Markets ! A tradition that is said to have originated from Germany/Austria and Northern Italy (according to Wikipedia) and by doing a little research I’ve found the countries I’m planning to visit all have their own variation!  (and let’s just say I plan to visit many of these and snapping many many photos…dorky I know).

I will also need to expand on this list of things I want to do in each country, so far,  gutes bier trinken in Deutschland, duh, see the Little Mermaid, find the narrowest alleyway of Gamla Stan, see the changing of the guards, visit museums, FIKA FIKA FIKA, respect people’s personal spaces and wear lots of black and stay warm. Yes…

Budget wise…well, that calls for another post entirely. Stay tuned!



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