time poor, wisdom rich

At the end of April I made myself a bucket list listing a few of the things I’d set out to do in the month of May. Since there’s only a week of May left, I’m a little disappointed to report that perhaps my list was a little too ambitious for someone juggling job and school at the same time. With reports and midterms nearing and work eating away good chunks of my life a day at a time 3 out of 7 those things sit gathering dust. I haven’t picked up the novel I had intended to read, neither did I think up something that scared me and did it – as for the exploring part, does taking your parents to dinner at a part of town they’ve never been to count? Naw, probably not.

However, all is not lost. I did manage to improve the other 4 things I’d set out to do and gain valuable insight about my life – and perhaps this strange yet thrilling journey of life in general and come away richer (philosophically speaking) than I had been at the beginning of the month. That’s the most important thing right? Self improvement and reflection, even though not a lot had changed in my immediate environment. Here are some key points:

1. Pure resentment of a current situation without the readiness to change (either the situation itself, or some aspect of the situation, or even yourself) is quite futile and only leads to frustration which is counter productive. It is better to look at things from a different perspective and with a clear mind. Make peace with yourself first then face problems head on instead of sweeping everything under the carpet, even if its uncomfortable.

2. Don’t expect everyone to support you on your cause, in fact, go at it like you’ve only got yourself to count on.

3. Tune out other’s doubts and criticism – you don’t need negativity.

4. But most of all, failing does not prove others to be ‘right’. Failure is the mother of success.

5. Change itself is uncomfortable. Transformation is not readily given. Working towards a dream is hardwork, blood and sweat. But one day you’ll look back and be glad that you did start when you did, and did not give up when everyone else expected you to.


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