keep calm and stay motivated

It’s been a good week. Despite some minor shortcomings, such as urges to spend impulsively, I’m here enjoying a two day weekend. My first proper weekend in a long time. It’s much more than I could ask for. Peace, quiet and alone time to reflect over the past week. I can honestly say, before I went back to school I’d imagined dividing time between work and school would be a piece of cake. I’d expected everything to just fall in place on its own accord. That effort would be minimal on my part, after all, how hard could juggling school and work be?

Apparently, not as easy as I imagined as work actually eats up a good chunk of your time. And some light reading and googling around confirmed what I’d suspected from very early on. Work is not just the 8 hours you put in at the office and sometimes more. It is also the commute time, which in my case is an hour to and an hour back. It’s the time and money you spend shopping for work attires and then the time you spend after work, worrying about work the next day.

Yeah, so its not quite the I’ve got 24 hours, if I worked 8, I could still devote 6 hours to studying and 10 to sleep. No.

Work is also a mind set. After a long day at work you’d rather not churn out anything that requires brain power, alas, your classes demand that of you, while you’d like to cook, clean, settle in for the night and sip tea with your latest TV addiction. There is simply no stop and pause. And to think that I’m only about half way done with this semester.

I’ve got a long, long way to go.

Not only school wise. Achieving my ultimate dream is going to take a lot more than what I’m putting into it currently. Whether or not other people believe in my dream or even agree with what I want is not of my discretion. My only responsibility at this point is to go in the direction I want and pay no attention to naysayers and people who don’t understand me and doubt me. I know what needs to be done between now and December, and I’m going to do it.


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