Poor time management, never, ever again.

Here’s where I promise myself my bad habits have got to stop.

Case and point: p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n

I wrote my first midterm in a very long time recently on a meager 2 hours of sleep, two red bulls (because you shouldn’t consume more than 2 cans in a single day, plus I didn’t want to get jittery on the exam) and maybe 4 or 5 cups of coffee. (yeah I know, that goes against my argument of not wanting to be jittery, but coffee in its purest form, brewed black coffee seize to have its effect on me due to years of …college style caffeination – yeah old habits die hard).

Needless to say, this was the result of an all night cram session with me kicking myself mentally as the clock ticked away to exam time. Staying up all night doesn’t have the allure as it used to. Like, crashing your friend’s house to do an all night studying session together then feeling like a champ in the morning (those were the glory days).

But now I’m no longer the younger me, I definitely feel it when I put my body through stress like this. Not only did I crash on my bed and snooze for a very healthy fourteen hours after the exam. I also woke up groggy and fog brained. In hindsight, If I had just planned better, then I would’ve saved the misery I put myself through unnecessary stress and anxiety and perhaps enjoyed the night after securing a victory by doing something other than snoozing in bed.

That said, my next exam is at the end of the month. I promise myself that I will pace myself throughout the weeks rather than cramming for it all the night before, because I’d just experienced again how detrimental and disruptive it would be to my overall health regime and well, budget plan. Yeah, while red bulls and extra coffee is not a big splurge. It definitely adds up if I had to do this for every exam I’d have in the future. So for my sanity’s sake, I hereby declare war on procrastination. Never ever again!


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