you hold the pen to your own story

There’s no point in blind imitation, whether be it a fashion trend or a lifestyle. You are a unique individual with unique needs and desires. What works for others might not work for you – or even if they did, how would you know you’d be truly happy in the long run with your adopted mindset?

There are endless self help books that address issues such as happiness, self-esteem, self-confidence, efficiency, and fulfillment. With endless advices from gurus that bombard your conscious thoughts. Some might think, if I followed through with all these advices then I can achieve true fulfillment.

That might be true, however, that assumption discounts what’s really at stake.


Chances are these self help books are geared towards a certain market of audiences, usually a very generalized group of people. You could very well fit into that niche. But chances are, the author of the book knows nothing about ‘you’ the individual. He knows nothing of your background, your personalized needs and desires. However, there’s one person that does know and that person is You.

You alone know what motivates you and what needs to be done to be happy and fulfilled. And it is up to you to bring yourself to that level of happiness and fulfillment, not anyone else. You are responsible for you. Realizing, understanding and accepting this concept, is in my opinion the foundation of unlocking your true potential – and ultimately, finding happiness.


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