Comfort =/= Happiness

Comfort, it is often something we prefer over it’s antonym. We ward off discomfort at all cost yet embrace the fuzzy feeling of warmth and safety that is often associated with contentment and comfort. The feeling of wanting to linger for a second longer in bliss. It is something we’d latch onto and be contented in doing so (if we could).  However nice a feeling it might be, logically speaking, comfort is part luxury and part hindrance.

For one, comfort does not foster growth in a person. Think about it, if everything in life was comfortable from the start, then there would be no reason to seek betterment. No need to think of improvement if there was contentment. It is costly in the sense that time is wasted with you content on being the same.

For two, our brains are made to solve problems, without a good challenge, you are wasting that elegantly evolved central nervous system of yours. No need to think outside the box and come up with solutions to problems, if problems did not exist in the first place. We’d be idle and idleness is not necessarily a good thing.

For three, you’ll never feel the rush of stepping out of your comfort zone, and what does that feel like? Well, I can’t put it in words exactly, but you’ll know when you’ve tried.

You only have so long to marinate in comfort and contentment and equally long to be bold. So go on, turn that ‘no’ into a ‘yes’. Step out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself, succeed, then smile like a winner at the end of the day!


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