Nothing says ‘I’m back in school’, better than 3AM homework sessions

True story, as I sit here procrastinating for another 20 solid minutes to finish my 3:40AM breakfast and this post, I am wondering if I will actually stay awake in class this morning. Last Saturday, it was a bit embarrassing as I found myself falling asleep in the 20 or so people classroom, yes, it wasn’t a 500 people lecture hall. It was a small classroom with the instructor himself only three rows in front of me.

So much for intellectual engagement…

I’m at an age where I’m supposed to be ‘responsible’, aka: putting desires aside for what I ‘need’ to do in life. (aka: not reading travel blogs into wee hours of the Saturday morning and then doing my reading and homework for the 9AM class on 0 hours of sleep and an ungodly amount of caffeine.) to avoid the harsh feeling of sleep deprivation.

Besides, discipline is supposed to feel nice right? Nicer than finding uber affordable hostel prices in Berlin. Hah, not a chance. As far as I’m concerned, the night wasn’t wasted. It was just fruitful in a way that wasn’t related to school. So there you go, my rough travel itinerary now includes Berlin as well. Which brings the total number of cities I’m preparing to hit up to a total of FIVE.

Stay tuned to find out which five.


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