Bucket List: May, 2014

With May just 1 day away, I’m setting myself up for this bucket list, specifically designed for the month of May, for well, no particular reason. It might seem on a whim that I’d decided to do this, however, it is not. In my search of living more consciously I’d wanted to document memories, much like a public e-diary of sorts that I can look back on and reference. I imagine myself a few months, years or even decades down the line reviewing this post and going: “Ah…so that’s what I was up to when I was young and stupid not so experienced.”

1. Explore a part of my city I’ve never been to.
            – For the lengthy time I’d been here, I realized I’d never set out on my own to discover my city. Yes, truly. I take for granted that I live in an extremely beautiful environment on the West Coast of North America, yet I let the day to day grind get to me to the point I forget how lovely my surroundings are and in turn forget to appreciate the beauty that is all around me. I remember a conversation in Europe last year, with a friend, born and bred European, while commenting on how beautiful the canals and the historical row houses that overlooked them were, she told me, people there just went about their days not really noticing their beautiful surroundings. I imagine, they’re used to it. Habituated with their surroundings since birth, they’d come to accept that it is nothing too extraordinary, all I can think of at the time was, “Lose out on appreciating this amazing sight? Not a chance!” And went on to snap a LOT of pictures. I think the same principle could be applied to my city. If I chose to look at it through the lenses of someone who hadn’t lived here all her life, then very well, I could be in for a surprise. (Given I have 4 weekends starting from now to do it, 8 DAYS, no excuses!)

2. Do something that would normally scare me.
        – I’m not the biggest adrenaline junkie out there, but as risk-adverse as I am even I know you only have a limited time on this earth to experience things you truly want to experience before your time is up. Why the heck not right? Now I just have to decide what that thing is. Possibly something along the lines of going against unspoken rules of norm, because if you really thought about it, who ‘created’ norms in the first place? Other people? And what role should their opinion have on your day to day life? Of course, this means if I had wanted to get out of the house in mismatched sneakers and a giraffe onsie I could and should without fear and anxiety. Or go to a cafe, start a conversation with a stranger, random conversation, something people just don’t do these days in favor of looking on their iPhones or tablets these days. I’m undecided on this one, so suggestions are welcome!

3. Start and Finish a Book.
        – Does not include books I have to read for school. And I’m doing 1 book for now just to see how I do! Suggestions are welcome here as well, if I don’t get to it this month I will get to it the coming months. For the month of May I’ve chosen, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Always wanted to read it and finish it, but never got the chance! Now I have no excuse!

4. Research a topic I’m curious about and write a blog post on it.
– Self explanatory. I’m curious by nature but a lot of times I find myself veer from one interest to another without actually dig into something and understanding it fully beyond the 5 minutes exposure I get from an article or news feed. So this month I will go out of my way to discover a topic or an issue I’m passionate about and blog about it!

5. Develop healthier habits
– This is a hard one as health is not something you could improve overnight. I know myself well enough to know I have some really bad habits that I need to change. i) I drink coffee all the time, it’s like flavored water to me and gives me a boost, and did I mention free coffee at the office? But at the same time I think it contributes to my insomnia more than I like to admit. ii) I don’t eat enough vegetables…yes I’m in my 20s…and I make excuses for it like…it takes too long for broccoli to steam… iii) Pretty sure I also don’t get enough exercise. So for this month, I’m going to cut my coffee down to at most 2 cups a day, eat my vegetables and go out there and get some much needed exercise! Shouldn’t be a problem!

6. Stick to my budget!
– Surprisingly, I think #6 is the most challenging of them all. Sticking to the budget and not overspending because a lot of my funds are going to my tuition but on top of that there’s books you got to buy for your class which comes out to be a very hefty amount. And this is not an one off occurrence whereas that iPadAir sitting in the shop might be, $800+tax is one off purchase, tuition by term not so much. It’s a hefty amount and I for one do not believe in student loans (perhaps I shall explain in another post altogether about that) but for whatever it is worth, I will stick to my budget and treat myself to whatever’s left over in the ‘fun’ money envelope…

7. Treat myself to something nice at the end of the month!
– Using ‘fun’ money I saved up of course to mark the small milestone of end of May and all the things I’ve accomplished in the month. Possibly going to one of my favorite cafes and blogging from there. I’d be doing a month of May recap.

Yay! So let the shenanigans begin!


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