Making time, and other grown up things

This week, I’ve learned 2 more things about myself that I didn’t know before hand.

1. I need to work on my time management skills.
2. I need to live in the moment.

I have to confess, going back to school is not what I had previously imagined.

Where did all the time go? I ask myself. Surely, I have plenty of time in the week to do ‘things’ that ought to be done. But something is not quite right with me as I can’t seem to get up in the morning and accomplish all the task I’d set out for myself to do. My thoughts tend to veer off all over the place as I’m trying to tackle the first few things on that to do list. My mind begins to wander – even know I have approximately 5 tabs open on my browser that are completely unrelated to this post – (cue to closing those tabs) definitely something to work on, because I realize how crucial time management is in the grander scheme of things. Having better time management skills would allow me to do more in a 24 hour span. And I know just how much is on my plate from the right-now to December.

Yes, I already have a conservative goal of how much I would need at the end of November to fund my travels, and to be honest it is not a small number as Europe and Scandinavia are definitely not wallet friendly if you want to do it for more than two weeks (I’m going for much longer than that). Hence the planning and the stress of it all. I’m cornered between the choice to downsize everything or search for another job (tuition is also another thing burning a hole in my wallet) all the while juggling with school and other responsibilities. On most days, it really feels like I have too much to do, but in practice, very little is done (see point 1 and 2).

I spend countless hours looking for jobs, with fruitless results. Then I stress because I could’ve used that time to work on things for school. But when I’m working on things for school I stress some more because it’s almost the end of April and the beginning of May. I need to come up with something good and come up with it fast.

Either way, I think for the most part. I need to breathe. Realize everything will fall in place eventually, and I will do what I always do, adjust accordingly and make the best of it all. 🙂


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