remember to enjoy life!

I used to think everyday as a grind. Starting from the moment I opened my eyes to the moment the dreaded clock at work told me it was time to pack up and head home. Then the dreaded commute with exhausted strangers filing into the same train as I. And at times, I was guilty of not giving up my seat to an elderly because I was too drained mentally and emotionally to make that decision.

I’d thought life would just continue on with me feeling dead on the inside, that after a certain point in your life, it just all went downhill. I didn’t get how people could continue to be happy after a certain age. No matter what the numbers told me from reports, I held onto my cynicism.

Fast forward to now.

I’ve learned to accept that life has ups and downs.

I’ve learned that I’m strong enough to handle what life has thrown at me and has yet to thrown at me.

I’ve learned to let go of things that just aren’t meant to be and in turn, am not afraid of serendipity.

I’ve learned to enjoy the little things in life, to go after my dreams and discover life as it should be.


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