Money diet, it could be healthy!

So, ever since I made that pricey plane ticket purchase on the weekend, I found that I’ve been less inclined to spend recklessly. I mean, the idea of going out and about to a cafe and enjoying a personalized latte is trumped by the number game in my head: I’ll save on average $5-7 dollars per work day just by mooching off free coffee at work. Followed by the thought, I’ll save even more by going home for dinner instead of dining out. No taxes or tips there either!

Foregoing small pleasures such as the aforementioned used to be a struggle, for I’d always had the idea that I was in for another hellish day at work.

Like many young people, I’d justified my spending habits by desire. I’d earned my money fair and square after all, so I could treat myself to whatever that was in vogue or just because I fancied.

It is an expensive habit to have that is for sure, but it also gave me a sense of ‘normalcy’ and ‘belonging’. That’s what everyone did, right?

This is also not the first time that I’d set out to do something about it. I’d felt uncomfortable with this type of hyper-consumerism that modern society facilitates before. It seems everyone has bought into the idea that massive consumption is what drives growth in the economy and it is considered ‘healthy’ – but I do wonder, how many of us stop and think about just a few of the consequences that follow (ex: environmental consequences of mounting hills of urban waste in some remote area of your city).

What we don’t see, often escapes us. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

But the point is, when I really think about where my money is going, ie: if the accumulation of one foamy latte a day until the end of the year was worth the trade offs of not having enough fund to travel to more places at the end of the year, then the answer becomes plain to see. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what makes you smile more. A latte now, or a lussekatt with some expresso later this year.


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