4.1: the importance of health is no April fools!

Nothing matures you faster than realizing you couldn’t get away with what you used to easily get away with in your teens. It came as a shock to me last weekend when I not only fell ill but began reflecting on my hectic work week. It appeared to me that I was so busy with ‘work’ that the priority of health took the backseat altogether.

I find it ironic because I always used to think how could adults ‘get so busy’ to the point their health is jeopardized? Why do society emphasize that money = success and everything else has to make way? I began to reflect and realize (despite the pounding headache and sniffles) that I had become another stereotype that I used to think was silly. I didn’t think it was possible for me to become a workaholic (especially at a job I care very little about) but I’m a person of standards, even if I do not like the job, I take great pains to see the job is done right.

Hence my downfall, putting everything else before my personal well being. I began to think if my general unhappiness was caused by giving too much of myself at things that had no place in my life in the long run (because essentially, at work, I see it purely as a transaction of time into money and I’m only dying in the process). Yes my outlook might be bleak but it’s exactly how I feel, no satisfaction gained from the job (despite how much work I put in). Not even a pat on the back from my boss could swat away the nagging feeling of alienation. ‘I don’t belong’ – ‘I could do so much better’ – I tell myself, yet find no strength to prove my internal statements as valid.

To top it all off, my health, which really should be one of my top 5 concerns gets booted to the backseat. And every time work calls, me the individual fades a little more into the background, to the point, last weekend I felt weak and achy all over as a result of how ignorant I’d been half thinking, half hoping my age would offset the effect of an unbalanced diet and nonexistent fitness regime.

Fast forward to now, almost Wednesday, my workweek had yet to begin, why? Because I’d been sick at home nursing the flu of the century. Though, I did discover something incredible to me, but perhaps not so to doctors whose advice often fall on deaf ears.

Because I was sick I’d little desire to continue in my ways of heavily processed foods. From Sunday until now, I’d stuck to mainly whole unprocessed foods with tons and tons of organic vegetable and fruits. To my surprise, the hacking cough I’d experienced since Saturday had disappeared and this would appear to be the speediest time I’d gotten over a cold in my twenty something years of life. And if that wasn’t enough motivation to switch over to a more healthful diet, I don’t know what is.

So for the entire month of April, I’m going to dive in, research like heck and try some of my new discoveries.

Stay healthy, stay focused, stay happy!


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