Say no to excuses

Among the many things I’ve come to realize this week, one resounded louder than the others.


We all make them, though the range of impact ranges from miniscule to gargantuan. While I certainly can’t speak for most people, but I’ve come to realize the majority of excuses I make are in some ways only semi-conscious. It certainly feels as if, I’m so used to letting myself get away with things easily that it is not even a conscious thought process anymore. It is only when I come to the end of a work week with my well deserved downtime do I realize how much excuses I’ve made all week and those excuses prevented free-time (when my life isn’t dictated by the company’s clock) lost to do the things I enjoy.

I’m guilty for making excuses that in no way contribute to my overall and long-term well-being. (ie: not taking the time to keep up with my fitness regime, or actually cooking a proper meal and just grabbing what’s available in the house aka toasttoasttoast) I tell myself things such as: “you worked hard all day, you worked through your break and slaved for an extra hour – you deserve to rest and treat yourself.” to make me feel better about skipping the gym and eating atrociously (so is it any wonder why feel under the weather during the weekend? I think not.)

Excuses are what we tell ourselves to feel better without actually actively trying to solve the underlying cause that makes us ill-at-ease.

So the goal for today, I’m going to actively analyze my decision making, is it an excuse or is it an actual reason – and come up with a plan to tailor my life for the better.


2 thoughts on “Say no to excuses

  1. This was a great post. I agree that excuses are the minds way of tricking us into the “easy” path. Dedication is hard and we as a species like to kep it simple. Good luck with your motivation and sticktoitness. For motication and recipes, check out my blog and my fb page. I would love to have you as a like minded follower that can joing the conversation!

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