Go for it.

I realized very recently that life has a funny way of working out in the end and stressing + planning excessively are sometimes very unnecessary. I’m happy to report that while I’m still employed by the same company, I am at least 50% happier than I was last month while at the same time I will also be significantly poorer.

Yes, it has recently come to my attention that a part-time post was open and I’ll even get the perks of working alone and relatively at my own pace. This is definitely good news, had I known this months beforehand then I wouldn’t have been so hopeless in feeling that life is a total and complete ‘trade-off’ game – either or, pick and choose.

I feel blessed in knowing that I now have the free-time to pursue what matters to me in the long run and still retain my autonomy – though I do have to scale down my budget, but for now, it is lesson learned: stress less and live.


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