This too shall pass: unengaging work

To recap, my short-term plan for myself includes keeping my mind-numbingly dull job for now. The keyword here is for now, it dictates something temporary. The thought of it being temporary rather than something of a semi-permanent makes the thought of dealing with work and the reality of my situation less painful. Yes, I know, while our goal is to avoid unpleasantness altogether, one must also take reality into account. In my case, my decision to stay is based on my current situation, however, with a time-stamped exit date: only until the end of the month (if everything goes right).

Nevertheless, the thought of never having to work there again is freeing in ‘x’ numbers of days is freeing. Even though I’m still employed at company ‘x’, I felt the metaphorical weight disappear off my shoulders. Knowing that you aren’t going to be there for much longer also gives you insight to what is important and what is essentially white noise.

  1. A job with a paycheck is great, but if you deem it meaningless, you are wasting your time -> life. (Personally, I’d rather not again, ever.)
  2. Anyone is replaceable, don’t think that your workplace will fall apart if you decided to resign (and don’t let anyone guilt trip you into not resigning because then you’d be a ‘quitter’ – but hey, sometimes that’s not bad. How are you supposed to start anew and repurpose your life if you allow work to eat up 8-10 hours of your day?).
  3. Life is short, (do what makes you truly happy)
  4. Money is never a replacement for happiness, it is a price tag spewed out by society over how much they value your time doing what you do. It doesn’t matter where you are on the poor and rich spectrum, having money or not having money, does not define you as a person. (The same goes for a job or a career). You are worth more than whatever it is they are paying you anyways, so don’t sell yourself short.
  5. Chase your dreams. Don’t be afraid to do so, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. As far as I am concerned, they are not you, and most of the time these doubters don’t even know you aside from what they can perceive of you. So don’t put too much emphasis on their advice and opinion. Do what you think is right.

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