To Quit or Not to Quit: that is the question

I had hoped I would never have to make this post, especially not as the first post of this blog. This blog wasn’t intended for such mundane task. I had originally intended for this blog to be somewhat of a creative outlet to my completely mundane life in a mundane town. If I could just get writing again, perhaps I could show how colorful my life could be. Alas, three months after registration I had all but forgotten about it.

The truth is, I’m a college educated 20 something year old stuck in a dead end job that not only sucks the life but all creative energy out of me, sounds familiar? Who isn’t struggling these days? Most would just tell me to shut it as I still have a job – an income. But that might be a thing of the past, very soon.

The truth is, we’re all looking for answers – hence, this blog is the result of endless hours of googling ‘what do I want to do with my life’ – ‘why do I hate my job?’ – ‘what am I really good at’ – ‘where do I see myself in twenty years’ – you know the shit your high school planning course had you embark on. But here I am, years later, I still haven’t got a single clue on what I would ‘love’ to do.

But I do know this for sure, what I don’t want.

– Routine, boring repetitive tasks that cease to engage me mentally (dare I say I’d almost fell asleep at work on not one but a few occasions)

– Work culture I don’t mesh with, yeah, so I find it difficult to further engage in meaningful conversations with my coworkers – systematic niceties as demanded by society irk if not disgust me (I’m an oddball, sue me)

– No innovation, low job security, oh and you get bossed around all day to the likings of your superiors.

Suffice to say, all reasons above are why I’m seriously considering jumping ship, but I think I still owe it to myself and the pursuits which my employment fuels to list all the pros and cons – and if losing income is really something I could realistically afford at this moment in time.


– FREE TIME (time I could dedicate and devote to self-improvements, pursuing hobbies I actually care about, which I think is important because focusing on the self is invaluable.)

-PEACE OF MIND (not have to stress, worry, and dread early every mornings just to go-to work)

-HAPPINESS (at the moment, I truly believe I’d be happier without having to slave another day at work, my mind and mental health will thank me.)


-NEGATIVE CASH FLOW (yeah,  being realistic here, while being able to chill for a few months sound really nice but would I be able to enjoy it while worrying about not having an income?)

-BRUISED PRIDE (I’m independent to boot, but if I quit my job I’d have to swallow my pride and potentially ask my parents for a lot of help before I get back on track, meaning, being a conventionally productive member of society again.)

-SHOPPING (okay, one of my vices, I’m a girl and I like to shop and look nice as much as the next girl and sometimes its not even about instant gratification, I’d also like to travel in my spare time and funds will be non-existent if I quit my job…this is definitely going to be an issue)

So, after listing all that I guess the question I should be asking myself is, will I be okay with myself having no income for the next ‘x’ number of months to come? Decisions, decisions…


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